We Lost connection with Nature

We are not alone in this world. Not yet. Can you imagine how boring that would be?

Last Friday night, a killer whale was found circling in the harbour out of Þórshöfn, in the North of Iceland, lost and disoriented. The volunteers of the Search and Rescue Team worked tirelessly all night long, trying several times to help the orca get back into the open ocean. 🙏
First series of images, source: www.mbl.is.
Unfortunately the whale kept coming back, and eventually it was found beached the following morning.

What was an extremely valuable and rare* opportunity to show the respect these animals deserve, turned again into what is the real emergency we are facing nowadays.
In the second series of images (source: www.mbl.is) you can see a man taking a picture of (presumably?) his son, standing on the carcass of the dead whale, showing no respect whatsoever not only for the whale, but for his son as well.
What is that kid going to learn from this experience? How will this experience shape his personality and behaviour in the future?

We lost connection with nature a long time ago, but we urgently need the new generations to understand that we are not alone in this world.
Not yet.

*These events are not rare anymore, they are increasing worldwide at an alarming rate. What is going on in the oceans?

PS: I can’t really judge what happened based on a picture, so hopefully I am wrong. But whales are carriers of several bacterial and viral diseases, I wouldn’t play with their carcasses anyway.


Federico Facchin


Some free Icelandic orcas I met in the Faxaflói bay, summer 2018.

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