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After two years spent in Italy as Science Teacher I have finally made it back to the ocean. 

I am currently living in Andenes, Norway, spending most of my times with whales, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and incredible wildlife.



(Photo by Stefan Leimer)


Photo Exibition



Finally the exibition 2022 is ready. 

A collection of 30 picture taken all over the world to bring awarnes on wildlife protection.

Click the link for more info.



Prints 4 Ukraine

I feel stupid, lately, to share colorful pictures of the best moments of my life, with everything that’s happening in East Europe. Stupid and inappropriate.

I would like to fix this by donating 10% of the income of the exposition (and other sales from my website in the next months) through a trustworthy channel. All donations will be certified.

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Prints 4 Conservation

Save the World one print at a time, coming soon.


Beach Cleanup!


1 hour, 2 friends, 30 kilograms of litter. 


Alpago 18.04.2021


My last article about Icelandic puffins is available now, follow this link.


Live on a national radio!


I have the chance to be live on RTL102.5a national radio station, and talk about what I care most: nature, oceans and photography!

Just a few minutes of glory really, but what a thrill!


Short articles.


 Part of my job as naturalist is to make people aware about the environmental crisis we are facing now a days. I always put my foot down when it comes to environment and conservation. Here I share some of my thoughts, and I would be happy to hear from you. 

For any questions or opinions do not hesitate to contact me.

 A few numbers and fact about Rhinoceros poaching.

Read the article and be careful with what you post online! 



Nope, those are not the bushfires in Australia.

As if the world needed more fires these days. 


We lost connection with nature a long time ago.


The importance of Biodiversity. What are we loosing in the amazon fires?




Photo Gallery  at the Whales of Iceland exposition in Reykjavik. 
Here is the link.


Blue Whale!


That’s a tiny little me just a few meters from the largest know animal ever lived on Earth 🌍 🐋

Here my interview to the local news.


Reykjavik  18.06.2019


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