Whales of Iceland

I wonder who can remain untouched by a 30 tons humpback whale lunching itself high into the air.

I wonder who would not smile in front of a pod of dolphins swimming free in the sea.

I wonder who would not do his share to protect the oceans and all its inhabitants after seeing these incredible wild creatures. 



The acrobatic maneuvers of Humpback Whales, together with their massive size, make them one of the most spectacular animals on Earth.

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I had the privilege and the honour of standing in front of a pod of orcas while a female was giving birth to her cub (according to the experts). 

Click HERE to see some picture of these wild killer whales, the apex predator of our oceans nowadays, and probably one of the most impressive predator ever lived on planet Earth.  



If it is hard to see a humpback whale feeding, how are the odds to see a reckless seabird inside the opened mouth of a whale?



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Is there anything better than seeing a pod of wild dolphins swimming free in the ocean?

YES!  Click HERE too see what I am talking about

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